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    Corner Brook Summer Camp

    My Newfoundland Adventures Summer Youth Adventure Programs and Corner Brook Summer Camps are designed to give children and teens the opportunity to experience many positive personal achievements in an outdoor setting. These positive experiences allow them to grow, develop independence and confidence, find new strengths, and develop courage to achieve the goals they set for themselves throughout life.

    River Rafting on the Humber River, one of Newfoundland's largest Atlantic Salmon Rivers

    With the world's largest Atlantic Salmon rivers, 10,000 year old glacier carved valleys, massive freshwater fjords, and a world class ocean playground, Newfoundland is the perfect place to enjoy the water.

    Weather you're looking for an adrenaline filled whitewater experience or a relaxing sunset float, we have a Newfoundland river rafting trip for you.

    Float through the Humber Valley and explore one of the most pristine and scenic freshwater rivers in the world. Visit a pirate island, explore a riverside cave, and discover the secrets of the Humber River. Get ready for an unbeatable Newfoundland summer adventure day trip - perfect for families, children, seniors, and groups.

    Twilight Caving

    Twilight Caving
    Twilight Caving - the snowshoe experience of a lifetime!

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    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Humber Valley Activities

    Summer Activities in and around the Humber Valley Resort

    The combined effect of the jet stream providing warm air from continental America and the proximity of the Humber Valley to the ocean ensures the summer season remains very pleasant with an average daily high temperature of 24 degrees Celsius allowing guests maximum enjoyment from the range of world-class outdoor activities on offer.
    In addition to the full summer programme of on site entertainment and activities for all the family and golf on the renown River Course, Humber Valley Resort has partnered with the best local providers of outdoor experiences producing a variety of things to do and see second to none.

    Humber River offers some of the best salmon and trout fishing in the world! See the Salmon swim up stream and jump Big Falls! Amazing sights. You can also go fishing at sea whilst searching for glimpses of whales, dolphins and even icebergs. Keep your eyes peeled for moose, caribou and bears whilst enjoying the spectacularly beautiful Gros Morne National Park - a World Heritage Site. You can trek through moose country and take a boat trip at Westernbrook Gorge. Quad biking, kayaking, sailing, trekking, and many other activities and experiences are also on offer.

    Self Explore the Humber Valley Area

    Humber Valley Resort is within easy reach of two UNESCO World Heritage sites, regional theatre festivals, local museums, galleries and shops, along with countless bays coves and inlets for discovery and is perfect for those who enjoy self guided exploration. The Resort maintains a calendar of all the principal regional events to allow guests to plan their time effectively.

    Caving, Climbing and Adrenalin-Based Activities

    The Corner Brook Caves network cuts deep into the limestone rock alongside the Bay of Islands and comprise a 500m (1640 ft) long upper cavern, a sinkhole, a hidden entrance and a spectacular subterranean cave system to explore 15m (50 feet) below the earth's surface. The internal temperature remains constant all year and activity partners provide experiences tailored to the relative skills of the participants.

    Other introductory experiences that can be organized for Resort guests through our preferred professional partners include rock climbing, repelling (abseiling), power kiting, kite surfing, canyoning in the Steady Brook Falls and snorkeling with salmon in the Humber River. In the early spring after the melt white water rafting is an experience enjoyed by many.

    Horse Riding

    As with mountain biking the best trails can be found on the old logging roads which are by far the greatest way to get out and about and see the varied Humber Valley countryside. The Resort has partnered with local stables to provide a variety of lessons and tours.

    Mountain biking in the Humber Valley

    Many of the best rides are found among the hundreds of kilometres of logging roads and transmission lines that surround the Humber Valley region. Bike rentals, safety equipment and trail maps can be arranged from both the Resort and local cycle shops.

    Bird Watching

    The west coast of Newfoundland is home to a large variety of birds, including bald eagles, owls, warblers, blue jays and several species of duck. Residents and guests will be able to see many of them from their own chalet sundecks.

    Humber Valley Resort Chalet Rentals Best Price Guaranteed

    Enjoy the superb scenery and endless opportunities for outdoor adventure at Humber Valley Resort. Make your vacation one to remember by staying at one of our properties. Click on the 'More Info' link to learn more on each chalet. Three night minimum stay. All rates are negotiable and discounts apply for longer stays.

    My Newfoundland Adventures offers the guaranteed best rate on Humber Valley Resort Chalets. Find the same chalet advertised anywhere else for less, and we will beat that price - guaranteed!

    The following Humber Valley Resort Chalet Rentals are now available at My Newfoundland Adventure:

    Humber Valley Resort Forest Park Condominiums
    Beds: 2K
    Whirlpool Bath

    11 Lakeside Drive, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 3Q
    Hot Tub

    74 Lakeside Drive, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 1K, 1Q, 1D
    Private Beach

    9 Mountain View, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 2Q, 1T
    Cozy, wooded setting

    49 Mountain View, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 2Q, 1T
    Stunning open concept

    9 Brook Close, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 1K,1Q,1D,1T
    Hot Tub ad 2 Masters

    6 Riverside Drive, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 4Q
    Beautiful forest setting

    10 Brook Close, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 2K, 1Q, 1T
    Hot Tub

    34 Mountain View, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 1K, 2Q, 1T
    Hot Tub

    9 Juniper Grove, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 1K, 1D, 2T
    Hot Tub

    35 Pine Loop, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 2K, 1Q (2), 1T
    Hot Tub, Pool Table, 2 Masters!

    1 Moose Lane, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 1K, 2Q, 1T
    Hot Tub

    2 Poplar Place, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 3K, 1T
    Large Decks

    10 Mountain View, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 2Q, 2T
    Hot Tub

    5 Bedroom Luxury Chalets, Humber Valley Resort
    5 Lake View
    Beds: 1K, 4Q
    Hot Tub

    10 Beach Place, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 1K, 2Q, 2D
    Hot Tub

    50 Lake View, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 2K, 1Q, 1T, 1D&T
    Hot Tub

    6 Beach Place, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 1K, 3Q, 1T
    Hot Tub

    62 Lakeside Drive, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 1K, 3Q, 1T
    Hot Tub

    Beds: 2K, 3Q, 1T
    Hot Tub

    3 Boom Close, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 3K, 1T, 1 Bunk
    Hot Tub, Spectacular View

    5 Lakeside Drive, Humber Valley Resort
    Beds: 1K, 1Q, 1D, 2T
    Lakefront Property!

    Why pay more for the same chalet somewhere else? This time, when you Visit the Humber Valley, book your chalet through My Newfoundland Adventures to get the best service, the best experience, and the best price!

    Monday, January 11, 2010

    Another way to explore Marble Mountain

    Winter Rappelling and Ice Climbing in Newfoundland is a world class experience. Rated as one of the top Ice Climbing destinations on the planet, Newfoundland have great waterfall ice, ideal temperatures, and unbeatable views. 

    Check out the Women's Only Ice Climbing Clinic or sign up for a solid day of instruction and fun on one of our Winter Abseiling / Rappelling or Ice Climbing day trips.

    Winter - we have a lot of it right here!

    Snow Bomb

    "Winter Rappelling and Ice Climbing is more fun than you could ever imagine"

    "I couldn't believe how tasty maple syrup and snow can be"

    Saturday, January 9, 2010

    Great weather conditions

    Marble Mountain is now open and lots of snow is on the way. Newfoundland's winter is finally here and there is only snow in the forecast!

    Sunday, January 3, 2010

    Newfoundland Dog Sledding on New Year's 2010

    Dog Sledding with My Newfoundland Adventures on New Year's Eve 2009!

    Jim, Simon, Laura, Julie, Jude, Willow, Rowan, Shay - Ringing in the New Year with a family dog sledding adventure along the snow covered forest trails of Western Newofundland's Gros Morne National Park. My Newfoundland Adventures , it's where you want to be!

    Saturday, January 2, 2010

    Dog Sledding is NOW OPEN

    With perfect trail conditions, lots of wildlife, and piping hot chocolate, Dog Sledding is now in full swing!

    It's AMAZING - running your own team of siberian husky dogs through the snow covered forest trails of Marble Mountain, Gros Morne National Park, the Tableland Mountains, and the Blow me Down Mountains. 

    Our Dog Sledding intro is great for kids and families looking for a taste of Newfoundland Dog Sledding and our Half Day Dog Sled (perfect for families, seniors, and kids too) includes over 1000' of elevation gain and a visit to the Sub Arctic Tundra and Alpine Plateau of Gros Morne National Park's Long Range Mountains. In Canada, we have been dog sledding for over 20,000 years. Dog Sledding - it's as Canadian as maple syrup!